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Vitaly was born in 1989 in the former USSR (nowadays Kazakhstan). During the next years his family moved multiple times within Russia before ending up in Vitebsk, Belarus (hometown of Marc Chagall). There he graduated from the high school and studied professionally German and English at the Vitebsk State University. For the next two years he worked as a school teacher, freelance translator and interpreter with an international company in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg.

In March 2014 Vitaly moved to Pennsylvania, USA. Here he finally gets the chance to try himself in oil painting, something he always wanted to do. Since that time he continues painting with oils in realistic style, learning from books, online video lessons as well as from advices of experienced artists. Since 2017 Vitaly is resident of Lititz, PA and for an extended time has explored the discipline of Daily Painting, painting every day on 6x8" panels, exclusively from life and in one sitting (“Alla Prima” approach).

Since 2021 Vitaly has been taking courses of the Sadie Valeri Atelier, classical online school for serious art students with master artist's instruction.

Vitaly Borisenko, artist


May 20, 2014 - first attempts of oil painting. Since 2015 Vitaly is annual participant of the Lititz Outdoor Fine Art Show. He was invited as a guest speaker for the Lititz Art Association, Lancaster County Art Association (LCAA) and Hershey Area Art Association with his presentation “Emerging Artist”. He took part in multiple membership shows and did two Solo exhibits. His art journey and artwork were featured several times in Lititz Record Express. Among the contest awards - 1st Place Award in professional category (LCAA, 01/2016) and Honorable mention in professional category at the winter membership show (LCAA, 01/2017). In September 2018 Vitaly was awarded "Best of Show" ribbon at the Landis Woods Fine Art Show in Neffsville, PA. 2021, 2022 - 3rd Place in Oils/Acrylics category of Lititz Outdoor Fine Art Show

In 2017 Vitaly's painting “Apothecary” (16x20”, oil on linen canvas) was accepted into the Eastern Regional Exhibition of Oil Painters of America and was on view at the Anderson Fine Art Gallery (St. Simons Island, GA) Nov. 17 - Dec. 16 among juried artwork by oil painters from multiple eligible US states and Canadian provinces.


Vitaly’s paintings are executed in classic representational manner. His artwork is featuring mostly still life with antique items, kitchenware and food, as well as Plein Air landscapes and structures. At the current stage Vitaly is working on Belgian linen canvases, which he is stretching himself, as well as on custom prepared panels. He is proud to be using only professional materials to ensure the archival quality of his artwork.

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